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Principal Software Engineer – Hybrid Work Schedule Job Brief

We have a job vacancy of Principal Software Engineer – Hybrid Work Schedule in our company, PerkinElmer. This vacancy is based in Woodbridge ON. Please go through the job detail mentioned below.

Position Title: Principal Software Engineer – Hybrid Work Schedule Job
Company: PerkinElmer
Work Type: Full Time
City of work: Woodbridge ON
URL Expiry: 2023-01-14
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Principal Software Engineer – Hybrid Work Schedule Job Detail

The Principal Software Engineer will provide software design, architecture and development skills in innovating and developing new generation PerkinElmer Analytical Software Platform. The role will include close collaborations with geographically dispersed software teams within PerkinElmer organization.

Duties and Responsibilities/Essential Functions:

Work with software team on design, architecture, and development of analytical edge device software framework with capabilities to run on-prem and in a future on cloud deployments

Be part of software architect team and contribute into development of better design and architecture process

Understand the desired software strategy and outcome in respect to analytical edge device software framework and the software product in general

Work on right IoT Edge Device framework architecture, including technology choices

Work with the team on implementation of design and architecture solutions

Work with the team on implementation of successful deployment strategies

Work with the team on maintainability and other software qualities

Map requirements to specifications that lead to design and architecting a software solution(s)

Design modules according to established layered architecture

Understand boundaries, interfaces and roles and responsibilities for major subsystems and modules of the application

Be able to quickly ramp up knowledge about analytical chromatography instrumentation and workflows (LC, MS, GC)

Provide skills dealing with distributed client/server architectures, be familiar with different types of inter-process communication mechanisms

Work closely with solution architects and other developers on solution design

Documenting and communicating design/architecture

Be a team player and put team objectives above personal ambitions

Ensure that software design conforms to the documented architecture

Identifying and mitigating technical risks

Work on low-level device control protocols through variety of transports TCP/IP, RS232 etc.

Work on low-level device control protocols through 3rd party vendor APIs

Be part of distributed Agile team. Develop automated tests as a part of software deliverables

Basic Qualifications:

Degree in Computer Science, electrical/computer engineering, mathematics, physics, molecular biology, or equivalent

Hands-on experience with developing, deploying and maintenance of complex applications is required

Experience in developing applications using SDLC process and Agile methodology

Experience and willingness working with geographically distributed teams

Experience in designing and architecting software for IoT Edge Computing Devices

Experience and understanding on how to deal with device low level communication protocols utilizing TCP/IP, RS-232, USB etc. transport layer

Experience with IoT friendly communication protocols like NATS Pub/Sub, MQTT, AMQP etc. for communicating with backend. and knowledge of on-prem IoT solutions

Experience with embeddable databases like SQLite, Level DB, BadgerDB etc

Experience with modern service orchestration frameworks like Hashicorp Nomad, Docker Compose or Swarm, Kubernetes etc.

Preferred Qualifications:

Certifications and training in Software Design, Software Architecture and Software Methodologies fields are beneficial.

Experience with any kind of Analytical Instruments is a big plus.

Good knowledge and experience in Windows and Linux networking and dealing with IT infrastructure issues which affects software solution.

Good knowledge and experience with Edge Device embeddable O/S like Windows IoT and embeddable versions of Linux O/S

Knowledge about modern application security models and TLS and device certificate management

Knowledge and experience with modern cloud IoT solutions like Azure IoT, IoT Core or AWS IoT is beneficial.

Savvy with tools and technologies (including but not limited to Go language, .NET Core; C#) to develop state-of-the-art applications.

Ability to work with distributed cross-functional teams – excellent group interaction and negotiating skills.

Customer focus, value driven – passionate about working to develop applications to address customer needs.

Demonstrated organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple tasks with different priorities.

Strong written and oral communication skills.

R&D lab with scientific instruments; mass spectrometers, autosamplers, prototypes, etc.

Loud sounds generated by analytical instruments

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